Welcome to Hotel 2030

Hotel 2030 is a platform for discussing, developing and acting on future changes for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Born out of the future agenda global open foresight project coupled with further research and industry perspectives, Hotel 2030 shares insights on emerging changes and also provides advisory support to leading organisations across the sector.

On this site you will find insights from recent and ongoing research into changes in the hotel sector and details of support currently being provided by Hotel 2030.

Future Agenda – Future of Travel and Hospitality

As part of the global Future Agenda project a series of events are taking place around the world exploring the future of travel and hospitality. Bringing together a mix of industry experts and others from adjacent sectors, these workshops have taken place in Mendoza, Dubai, Singapore, Shanghai, London and New York.

The first one in Mendoza was with Les Clefs d’Or and the insights below were the starting point for this discussion.

By the end of the programme, we had heard from thousands of experts around the world and have created this emerging view of how the changes they identified may impact the hospitality sector. This is now being shared more widely and used for stimulating new thinking in and around the travel and leisure sectors.

IHG – New Room for Crowne Plaza

From 2011 to 2013 we led the development of a series of innovation platforms for IHG – covering everything from new room designs and check-in approaches through to collaborative business models and reinvented public spaces. The first of the outcomes from this has now gone live – a new room for Crowne Plaza focused on the business traveller. Developed in partnership with designers Pearson Lloyd, key members of the Growth Agenda team and external researchers, this is launching across the US in 2015.

New business focused room for Crowne Plaza

New business focused room for Crowne Plaza











For more details see the IHG press release
For other launch coverage coverage see Sleeper Magazine, Hospitality Design and TravelPulse.

Latest Research – Top Ten Trends for 2020

As we explore potential changes in the hotel industry, we see some trends having increasing impact over different time horizons – some short-term and others longer. Based on discussion with, and feedback from, hospitality companies, tourism experts and government bodies around the world, this summary shares insights on ten core shifts that many see having impact by 2020.

BHA Summit 2014

As part of the growth of Hotel2030 we ran a short workshop at the  British Hospitality Association (BHA) Summit in London on 5 June 2014. This interactive event used recent global insight and cross-sector thinking as the foundations to build a shared vision for a novel urban hotel experience. The workshop showed how companies are using foresight and emerging trends to help them identify, define and share compelling visions for future guest and customer experiences

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